Let’s Advance Social Skills by Working Together

Maximising Social Intelligence

Maximising Social Capacity

Engaging in Reflexive Exercises

Creative discourse

about social identity through intense dialogue into person-hood and self-hood and social-action.

Information and Media

More information, links to media and academic papers.


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Personal and Organisational Coaching

Free consultations are available upon request to establish how Integral Sociodrama and Inter-developmental Coaching best fit situational needs.

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Brendan Cartmel

Brendan Cartmel


Psychodrama & Group Psychotherapy –  Aanzpa: Member of PACFA
Post Graduate Diploma of Organisation Behaviour – Swinburne University of Technology
Develpomental Coaching – IDM Institute International Coaching Federation
Post Graduate Diploma of Community Development – Monash University Gippsland
Diploma of Theology – Melbourne College of Divinity
Bachelor of Engineering – Swinburne University of Technology
Post Graduate Diploma of Total Quality Management (incomplete) – RMIT
Research Masters – Management [Faculty Business & Law] Swinburne University